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Saturday, May 31, 1997

Gay colleagues honor Chief Chitwood for his support

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Gay colleagues honor Chitwood for his support

Portland Police Chief Michael Chitwood has been praised and criticized for his lobbying to protect gay men and lesbians from discrimination, harassment and violence.

Friday night, Chitwood received more kudos from an interesting constituency - police officers and other law enforcement officials from throughout New England who acknowledge they are homosexuals.

Chitwood's award recognized his ''leadership on behalf of New England's gay and lesbian community,'' according to the Gay Officers Action League of New England.

The league said Chitwood has ''contributed toward a greater understanding of the concerns of gay and lesbian employees in the criminal justice system, (and) the specific public safety issues facing New England's gay and lesbian communities.''

Chitwood went to Boston to receive the award and give the keynote address for the league's third annual banquet and awards ceremony.

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